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Retirement Income Planning

One of the biggest retirement concerns people face is determining how to generate income. Will they have enough to fund their full retirement? Do they have strategies in place to create consistent income? At Canella Financial Group, we understand the many questions you face as you approach and transition into retirement. To answer the questions you have and to help you feel more confident in your retirement, we utilize two retirement income planning strategies — NextPhase™ and Social Security Wise.


Income distribution planning is the process by which the wealth you built during your asset accumulation years is paid out to you during your retirement, known as the distribution phase. The strategies that you used during the accumulation phase are very different than the strategies that you would use during the distribution phase. The assets from which you expect to create a vital stream of income during retirement face risk from economic turmoil, interest rate uncertainty, and market volatility. It is important to correctly position your accumulated assets into a series of investments at retirement that is designed to provide you income for your lifetime.

To address this, we use the NextPhase™ Retirement Income Planning Process, a time-segmented, inflation-adjusted strategy designed to help you find a balance of investment choices with different, complementary risk and growth opportunities.

The graphic below illustrates how your accumulated retirement assets may be divided into different time segments.

The optional guaranteed income segment and the first pool are designed to offer immediate, regular income streams while the other pools of investments are designed to grow over time. As time goes on, each pool is drained to fill the reservoir that provides your regular income stream. The strategy typically plans for 25 years, at which point the last pool can be divided up again to provide for a longer retirement or used for legacy planning.  Click on the NextPhase link to get the free brochure on THE 3 BIG RISKS.

Learn more about NextPhase™.

Social Security retirement benefits help provide lifetime, inflation-adjusted income. Combined with your retirement savings, plus any pension benefits you may receive, Social Security may serve as an important component of your overall plan for retirement income. As you approach retirement, you will likely have a number of questions regarding Social Security. How much will your income benefit be? How can you maximize your benefits? When should you begin taking Social Security?

We understand the complexities of Social Security and can address your questions. Through Social Security Wise, we can help you evaluate your opportunities for increasing your Social Security benefits and develop a strategy for claiming Social Security benefits that may result in additional retirement income.

Visit Social Security Wise to learn more.


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