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Career Opportunities: Are You Looking For A Better Place?

Are you looking for a better place?

Are you looking for a better place?

A better place for your business, your clients, and your future. We would like to meet you, because we may have a great deal in common. At Canella Financial Group we started our business with the goal of providing unbiased advice, objective recommendations, and personalized financial strategies.

As our firm continues to grow, adding experienced professionals to our team, our mission remains the same. We seek to partner with our clients to help them prudently work toward their dreams. Our goal is to establish a long-term relationship based on trust and experienced advice, and our vision is that each of our clients enjoys a genuinely happy life free from financial concerns.

As an independent firm, we are not tied to proprietary products, sales quotas, or conflicts of interest. Through our advisors’ relationships with Securities America, we have access to a wide range of investment products, advanced technology, and market research, all of which helps us better serve our clients.

Being part of Securities America gives us the comfort of a large broker dealer “having your back” and at the same time being independent and being able to write your own destiny. With all the current industry regulation and pending new legislation from the Department of Labor it is comforting to know that Securities America has a dedicated team to make sure we are ahead of the regulations so we can run our business efficiently.

Reasons To Join Our Branch

Reasons To Join Our Branch

  • Develop a business plan that meets your goals and objectives.
  • Marketing and business development tools.
  • Advanced technology to help you efficiently run your business.
  • Mentoring program for young advisors
  • Share knowledge with colleagues to stay sharp on industry trends.
  • Have a built-in continuity and succession plan.
  • Fill in the blank ________. Tell us what you’re looking for and maybe we can help you reach your goals.

We welcome the opportunity to meet you. Please contact Sarvey Canella for a confidential meeting at 412-262-1040.

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