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A Complimentary Second Opinion

At Canella Financial Group, we offer a complimentary second opinion to help provide you confidence. It’s all too common for someone to build their portfolio or create a financial plan and let it gather dust over the years. The problem with this method is that you may be incurring unknown risk or missing out on the latest opportunities that align with your needs and objectives.

As our priorities and circumstances change throughout life, our goals may also change. It’s critical for your portfolio or financial strategy to match these changes. Otherwise, you and your family may not be on the right path to pursue their objectives. We believe it’s important to not only regularly review your portfolio and strategy but also to get a second opinion.

When should you consider getting a second opinion?

1. You haven’t worked with an advisor recently or you want a better relationship with an advisor.

How long has it been since you last spoke to your financial advisor? If it’s been longer than a year, it may be time to update your strategies. Do you have trouble connecting with or reaching your advisor? If so, you may prefer to work with an advisor you feel comfortable reaching out to or meeting with when you have questions.

2. You do not understand or are unsure of the fees you are paying. 

Do you know, and understand what fees you are paying with your investment plan? Are they reasonable? Do you know if they are eating at your investment returns you need to meet your goal? If you don’t know, it’s time to speak with an advisor for a second opinion.

3. You want an investment plan, not just an investment account. 

Does your conversation with your advisor revolve around percentage performance of an account? If you are looking for a solid long-term plan and a conversation about whether you are on track to meet your specific goals, you may desire more than just an investment account

4. You are not happy with your investment performance.

When an investor suffers an investment loss and is unhappy with the performance, it is usually because they did not understand the true risk they were taking in their portfolio. Do you really understand your portfolio’s risk? Do you know the downside loss you could tolerate in a given year? Does your advisor know?

5. If you or your family has experienced a change in your financial situation.

Have you recently changed jobs, got married or divorced, or had a child or grandchild? These kind of changes affect your financial situation in different ways. If you haven’t adjusted your financial plan to reflect these changes, you may not have a true picture of your financial situation.

6. If you are close to transitioning into a new phase in life.

Life milestones, such as retirement, are big steps. It may be time to adjust your investments for the next chapter of your life and alter your spending.

At Canella Financial Group, we’d like the opportunity to see if we can help you with your financial needs. Find out if you are on the right track with your portfolio and strategies by contacting us today to meet in our Pittsburgh office for a cup of coffee and a complimentary second opinion. During this conversation, we’ll discuss your financial goals and what your investment portfolio is intended to do for you. If we think you’re on the right track, we’ll happily let you know. If we think we can help you improve your strategies, we explain how we believe we can help.


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