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The ABC's of Investing- CCAC North Hills

The ABC's of Investing- CCAC North Hills

October 20 - October 27, 2021

6:30p - 8:00p EST

CCAC - North Hills

CCAC - North Hills

8701 Perry Highway
Pittsburgh, PA 15237-5353
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Would you like to learn about investing and a practical approach to building wealth, but don't know where to start? We will demystify investment jargon and empower you to manage your money safely and effectively. We'll start by examining money market accounts, certificates of deposit, savings accounts, stocks, bonds, and mutual funds. You will master practical investment skills such as spotting high fees on account statements and in mutual fund prospectuses, and building a balanced portfolio. Find out what really matters when you pick mutual funds (hint: it's not the number of stars). Learn how to protect yourself from salespeople and speculators, and how to use the financial services industry to your best advantage.

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