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14 July
Generational Planning Workshop


Problem: Previous generations kept their affairs private, and heirs did not know much until the will was read.  It can be difficult to discuss estate planning, as it means facing morality and exposing certain vulnerabilities.  Inheritors do not want to think about losing someone they love, but they have many questions.

Solution: Start talking now. Honest and open communication is imperative to pass on the elder generation’s values, assets, and wisdom.

  • Define family culture- Take advantage of family gatherings to talk about what matters.
  • Set family goals- what is it you want to have and do as a family?
  • Learn financial concepts- the best way to teach children and young adults about money is to weave lessons into daily life. Make money an open subject in the household.
  • Prepare heirs and executors- too often family members are completely perplexed when a loved one dies.

This workshop will also allow attendees to create an action plan to improve their generational planning and will also provide a generational planning checklist to follow.

Date and Time

Wed, Jul 14, 2021

6:30p - 7:30p EST


Virtual Webinar


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