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Verizon Retirement Planning

Canella Financial Group is a member of the Hanson McClain Retirement Network

Who We Are

The Hanson McClain Retirement Network is a nationwide network of independent financial advisors specializing in retirement planning for telecom and utility company employees. We have extensive knowledge in your company's pension and savings plans. We are committed to educating telecom and utility employees and helping them plan for retirement. We've helped thousands of employees throughout the country make the transition to retirement.

What We Do

We help employees plan their financial future. And we help these employees understand, in plain language, how they’ll be personally affected by changes in their company savings and pension plans.

We provide ongoing educational workshops, retirement counseling, and pension benefit estimates.

We provide an exclusive retirement planning tool called the Independent Personal Retirement Overview (IPRO).

Have You Had Your IPRO®?

What's an IPRO®

The IPRO is the Independent Personal Retirement OverviewTM.  The IPRO is the retirement planning tool designed exclusively for telecom and utility employees.

The IPRO® helps you plan for retirement by:

  • Evaluating your current financial situation

  • Analyzing your company's pension and savings plan

  • Projecting various retirement income scenarios

  • Explaining complex financial concepts in an easy-to-understand format

  • Providing a list of "action items"