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Educational Class: Social Security 2/25

Educational Class: Social Security 2/25

Monday, February 25, 2019

6:30p - 8:00p EST

CCAC Ft. Couch Middle School

CCAC Ft. Couch Middle School

515 Fort Couch Road
Pittsburgh, PA 15241
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Sarvey Canella

Boomers close to retirement need to know, now more than ever, about Social Security. There is so much more than deciding whether to take benefits at 62 or 66. This "safety net" is a guaranteed, inflation-protected source of income in retirement, and boomers should know how it works and how it fits into their future retirement income streams. In this informative seminar they will learn about the role of social security in your overall retirement plan. Topics include how it works, boosting benefits by increasing current earnings, strategies for maximizing lifetime benefits, coordinating spousal benefits, special issues for women, taxes on benefits, Medicare and long-term care, related programs and the mechanics, history and financing of the Social Security system.

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